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Three Myths About AI Security Camera Enhancement to Know

If you were to ask the average property owner or manager whether they’d like to have an artificially intelligent platform monitoring their security cameras to keep their buildings safer, you would probably get an enthusiastic “yes!” And yet, our groundbreaking technology is moving through the real estate industry more slowly than you might think.

Part of that comes down to simple awareness. At industry events we find that only a small percentage of property managers even know that the technology is already available (if you’re one of them, check out our website).

Among those who do know, however, there is still a bit of hesitation. In one-on-one conversations with property managers, we have found that there are three myths about AI security camera enhancement that are holding them back. In today’s post we want to break down each one…

Myth #1: It Will Be Expensive

This is the simplest objection we hear, and the easiest one to overcome. Using our platform costs very little, and certainly less than upgrading your security camera system or hiring a new team.

Even more importantly, having the right protection for your buildings can save you tens of thousands – or even millions – in the long run. That’s because having access to the footage you need for your existing security cameras could mean the difference between prevailing in a lawsuit or being forced to pay a huge settlement.

Myth #2: It Will Be Difficult to Install

Again, it’s logical to think that implementing an artificial intelligence system would require technical expertise, or at least a lot of work from a team of engineers.

The reality, though, is much simpler. Our AI platform works from servers installed at our facility. That means you don’t have to buy or maintain any new computers. And, it works on top of your existing security platform. So, you don’t have to invest in new cameras, change your screens, or install any equipment.

Myth #3: It Won’t Make a Difference

This is perhaps the most important of all the myths, and the hardest to quantify. Some property managers feel like they just don’t need more protection, or couldn’t benefit from it. To those we would say: “Are you sure?”

It only takes one unfortunate and completely unexpected event to start a chain of events that ends with a lawsuit. If and when that day comes, you’ll wish you had security camera footage that could show the space or events in question. If you have blind spots, incompatible camera systems, or a lack of monitoring and storage options, then you’re putting your business and future at risk.

To put this another way, you have cameras because you know you need protection. Why wouldn’t you use an advanced and cost-efficient system to get the most out of them?

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