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Are Your Properties Really Protected With Cameras?

The more time you put in as a property owner or manager, the more nights you spend worrying about security. It’s only natural. Just about anyone who has worked with investment or income properties will know someone who has been sued over an accident or crime. Even though the circumstances are out of your control, one unfortunate incident could end your business or career.

In a perfect world, you could protect yourself by having multiple full-time security personnel monitor the property at all hours. But that isn’t usually feasible, and security workers come with their own costs, issues, and vulnerabilities. So, most property managers turn to security cameras to keep them safe from criminals and opposing attorneys.

But are your properties really protected with security cameras? It might be that you’ve never really thought about this question. Or perhaps you’re afraid of the answer. Either way, we are going to dig into this issue in today’s post, so read on…

Most Property Managers Aren’t Truly Shielded With Security Cameras

Theoretically, having a network of security cameras installed around your property should give you real-time access to footage when you need it. So, you should be able to see what’s happening in all areas of your buildings. Or, you should have the capability to re-create an incident from multiple different angles and see what actually happened, as well as who was involved.

As you probably know already, things don’t actually work that way. There are a lot of issues with the way security cameras are set up, including:

  • The fact that you often need several different makes and models to cover indoor and outdoor spaces, well-lit versus low-light areas, etc.
  • Your cameras probably aren’t monitored around-the-clock.
  • Most camera setups have significant blind spots, some of which can easily be identified by criminals.
  •  Because of automatic deletion and other technical issues, it can be difficult to pull security camera footage when you need it most.

There are other problems, but you get the point: just because you have a security camera system – even an expensive one – in place doesn’t mean you won’t have incidents at your properties. And it certainly doesn’t mean you are going to be shielded from lawsuits.

What Amherst AI Does to Help Keep You Protected

Our company is employing AI technology that helps fill in the gaps that exist with most security camera systems. That means you don’t have to replace your existing security cameras, just use our platform alongside them.

With our products in place you can coordinate various camera types, monitor all areas of your property more easily, and even retrieve footage quickly. That’s because machines can spot relevant patterns more quickly and effectively than a human eye.

We don’t want you to take our word for it, though. Our technology has to be seen to be believed. Contact us today to schedule a personalized demo and see how our platform can save you money while protecting you from the unknown.