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Three Reasons to Get More From Your Security Cameras Today

For property owners and managers, security cameras are akin to fire insurance: only an extreme risk taker would operate without them. And yet, we have seen time and time again that having cameras installed in your buildings isn’t enough to protect you from thieves, complaints, or expensive lawsuits. That’s true even if you have advanced or high-priced systems.

In today’s post, we are going to look at why that is and what you can do about it. Let’s start with the three reasons you may need to rethink your security camera system…

Reason #1: Your Cameras May Not Work Well Together

Most of the property managers we meet with don’t have a single type of security camera on the property. Instead, they deploy two, three, or even more because each one has its own needs and uses.

As a simple example, you might have one type of camera that works well outside, another that functions in low-light parking garages, and a third for lobbies and hallways. However, it could also be the case that none of these cameras works well together, leaving you with incomplete coverage.

Reason #2: You Probably Can’t Find the Footage You Need

Because you’re a property manager and not an IT professional, there is a good chance you don’t know how your footage is stored. Neither are you likely to be fluent in file types and sizes, image compression, or any of the other technical details. Maybe no one on your payroll knows these things.

That matters because you will inevitably have to retrieve security camera footage someday for a detective or attorney. And if you can’t produce what you need, things are going to get expensive.

Reason #3: You May Not Have the Legal Protection You Think

Along with the two problems already mentioned, you could have blind spots, nonfunctioning cameras, issues due to power outages, etc. For those reasons your coverage is probably less complete than you might imagine.

Put it all together and you have a situation where you can feel secure even though your security cameras aren’t actually protecting you from claims and lawsuits. In essence you are relying on luck to ensure that you’re never sued for millions. That’s not a great place to be.

How to Improve Security in Your Buildings (Without Breaking the Bank)

In the past, this would be the point where someone would have attempted to sell you an expensive new camera system. At Amherst AI, we’ve come up with a better solution: using AI to close the gaps in your existing configuration.

Our cutting-edge platform uses machine learning to identify specific patterns and problems related to security cameras. The result is a low-cost, easy-to-install system that allows you to identify trouble areas, analyze footage, and retrieve data quickly and efficiently. Best of all, it works with your existing equipment rather than replacing it.

You probably have lots of questions about this technology. But rather than going into the details here, let us show you how it works one-on-one so you can decide for yourself. Contact us today to schedule your free personalized demo and see how AI can help protect you from crimes and lawsuits.