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How AI is Helping Property Managers Fix Security Cameras

If you have spent some time on the Amherst AI website, or just working as a property manager, then you will already know that most security camera systems offer incomplete protection at best. That’s because they often involve a patchwork of different equipment types from different companies, have blind spots, and can make it difficult to retrieve footage when it’s needed.

In the past, the only answer has been to upgrade your entire security camera system… and then run into the same problems in the future when new upgrades come. But now, we are using a different kind of technology to resolve these issues. The result is better protection from crimes, claims, and lawsuits.

Let’s look at how artificial intelligence (a.k.a. AI) is helping property managers fix their security camera configurations…

How Our AI Works

Before we get into specifics, it’s a good idea to explain (very briefly) how modern AI tools actually operate. That’s because there is a lot of confusion out there stemming from misconceptions, old ideas, and pop-culture references.

To start with, our artificial intelligence platforms are not drawing on self-aware super computers or anything nearly that fantastical. Instead, they are taking advantage of modern micro-processing power for the purposes of automation and pattern recognition. In other words, we are making computers better at doing the kinds of boring, repetitive tasks that humans can struggle to stay focused on.

There are tens of thousands of processes in many different fields this could apply to. But when it comes to building security, there are two that jump out as being particularly important.

AI Can Be Used to Integrate Different Camera Systems

It’s not uncommon for property owners and managers to use a variety of security camera makes and types within their buildings. That’s because equipment can be purchased in stages. It can also happen because some cameras are better or worse in certain settings – like varying light conditions, temperatures, etc.

While it makes sense to match each camera with the appropriate budget and use case, these hybrid setups sometimes cause problems because the underlying systems don’t work well together. With AI, you can coordinate different feeds and software platforms together seamlessly, making it easier to see, analyze, and store footage over time.

AI Can Repair and Retrieve Footage

One of the great ironies in the security industry is that building owners often capture more footage than they can actually use. That’s because some of what they get will be automatically deleted, or created from an angle that isn’t actually that helpful.

With artificial intelligence analyzing video in real time, or after the fact, we can eliminate some of these technical obstacles and make it possible to repair and receive footage. That means the relevant video is available when a detective, attorney, or insurance provider needs to see it.

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